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A.Vogal Bio Strath Whole Food Supplement

This product is a long-standing success for BioForce and A.Vogel and began with the work of Phil Nat Strathmeyer in 1948. He originally created the substance to administer to citizens of his hometown and introduced engineer Fred Pestalozzi to it in 1950. Mr. Pestalozzi suffered from Meniere’s disease (a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance to a varying degree) and used BioStrath to treat himself for over a year with marked results. He bought Strathmeyer's company in 1951, founded BioStrath AG and in 1961 started the manufacture and distribution of BioStrath. Pestalozzi later partnered with Alfred Vogel in 1961 in marketing Bio-Strath internationally.

But what is this remarkable substance with such an interesting history?


Bio-Strath is an herbal yeast plasmolysate fortifying supplement that is 100% naturally sourced. Using a unique process, a special variety of yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, (the same species of yeast that nutritional, engevita and brewer’s yeast comes from!) the yeast is cultivated on the following wild herbs: angelica, balm, basil, caraway, chamomile, cinnamon, elder, fennel, horseradish, hyssop, lavender, licorice, parsley, peppermint, sage and thyme. This continues for many days, until the yeast cells absorb all herbal properties. By the process of fermentation, without the use of heat and chemicals, yeast cells burst open releasing their valuable contents. This special process, called plasmolysis, supplies the body with a readily available form of nutrients.

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What is plasmolysis?

It is when pressure decreases to the point where the protoplasm of the cell peels away from the cell wall, leaving gaps between the cell wall and the membrane. Eventually cytorrhysis – the complete collapse of the cell wall – can occur.

Bio-Strath helps to:

• Combat fatigue
• Increase physical and mental performance
• Improve concentration and vitality
• Assimilate nutrients

Bio-Strath’s unique combination of yeast and medicinal plants gives it a unique profile of 61 vital substances such as:

  • Lecithin
  • Lecithin Phosphate
  • Choline
  • Mannan (a plant polysaccharide that is a polymer of the sugar mannose)
  • Glucan (A peptide that is a homopolymer of glutamic acid)
  • Glutathione
  • ATP (adenosine triphosphate)
  • Ubiquinone (Coenzyme) Q6, Q7, Q9
  • 11 Vitamins
  • 20 Amino Acids
  • 19 trace minerals/elements

Benefits for children

bio strath for childrenDuring a period of fifteen years, observations relating to school children over 12 years old were documented. The period over which the supplement was taken ranged from one month to several years. Most school-children preferred the Bio-Strath Original Formula, which includes honey and orange juice (tastes like a malt extract).

The results were impressive:

• 90% improvement in energy levels
• 88% improvement in resistance to infection
• 85% improvement in concentration
• 90% improvement in reducing convalescing time

For the study group, absenteeism dropped, memory and school marks improved

Bio-Strath though is currently working with Health Canada for implementing it as support for ADHD/ADD.This product is also great for the developing fetus. It supplies a very absorbable form of iron and especially if a pregnant woman is experiencing a lot of nausea, she can take Bio-Strath and feel assured that she is getting enough vital substances that her and her baby need to maintain proper developing health. Actually an observational study of 31 pregnant woman showed that it help stabilize hemoglobin levels all through the duration of pregnancy without the need of additional iron supplementation. Bio-Strath also helps improve iron uptake from food (catalyst function).

Benefits for adults and teenagers

As adults the speed and stresses of everyday life can leave a person exhausted and drained. This is when we catch colds and the flu. Bio-Strath liquid and tablet was compared to the flu vaccine and a controlled population in a field study of 232 participants divided into 4 groups. The two Bio-Strath groups yielded better results in terms of general state of health, concentration, fatigue, vitality and stress, along with fewer absences from work, than the flu vaccination group and the control group.

Benefits for athletes

bio strath benefitsBio-Strath has been studied on its effects of optical fusion threshold (alertness), reaction time, bi-manual coordination, recovery quotient and physical performance on a bicycle ergo meter. Over the 12 week period the Bio-Strath group expressed a 64% improvement in general well-being (energy, concentration, resistance, vitality…) as compared to only 10% reported by the placebo group.

Also of interest to note, Since 1977, in collaboration with ESA NASA, and on space shuttles, the Biochemical Laboratory of the Swiss College of Technology (ETH), Zurich has been carrying out investigations into human cells (in vitro) cultivated under hypo- and hyper-activity conditions and weightlessness (astronauts) where it has been shown inhibit the production of the lymphocytes. The surprising results showed that the major inhibition of lymphocytes activity observed under microgravity could be compensated to a considerable extent with BioStrath.

Benefits for the elderly

bio strath elixir benefitsIn two double-blind trials, a pre-geriatric study in Germany of 184 patients and a pre-Alzheimer study of 74 patients, the Bio-Strath groups showed improvements in the following areas within about 3 months: short-term memory, recovery behaviour/circulation stress (ergometer test), fatigue, dizziness, mental alertness, sleep, emotional volatility, and apathy.

Brad was telling us that it is very common for seniors to suffer from the tea and toast syndrome. Bio-Strath liquid form is great to even add to the tea if they are stubborn with diet.

Bio-Strath can also be combined with the Ginkgoforce for additional circulation/oxygen support, provided that they are not on any blood thinners.

Benefits for Convalescence

Bio-Strath strengthens the body during convalescence after surgery or illness. They also normalize body functions (homeostasis). It was possible to demonstrate in a study of cancer patients that Bio-Strath yields improvements in physical activity, appetite and weight and also in hemoglobin concentration; it can be helpful for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Bio-Strath comes in three different forms:

1.) Original- which is in a base of honey and orange juice that tastes like a malt extract. Dosage: 1 tsp 3 times/day.
2.)  Tablet- Gluten free. Dosage: 2 tablets 3 times/day
3.)  Drops- Gluten free, the most convenient and the best seller at our stores. Can be put in anything from soups to tea to water. Dosage: 30 drops 3 times/day.

BioStrath can be ordered by calling toll-free 1-844-259-8590 in North America and online here


Disclaimer: The above information is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your physician. 



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