Why Using This EFA Blend Is The Better Choice.

by John Biggs BSc, NCP, OHP on March 14, 2017

Why Using This EFA Blend Is The Better ChoiceEssential Fatty Acids (EFA's) are one of the foundations of a healthy body. Regardless of why you take an EFA blend, be it brain function, cardiovascular support, joint pain relief, or general health maintenance, fighting inflammation is key. For this many rely on the omega-3 fats from fish abbreviated EPA and DHA.

borage oil benefitsYet, did you know that when GLA from borage is added to EPA and DHA, all 3 work synergistically together to produce enhanced anti-inflammatory effects?

In the field of nutritional supplements we are always looking for the "Latest and Greatest", i.e. new advances and products, assuming that new means "better". Yet, in this process we sometimes forget about excellent dietary ingredients that work!

GLA from Borage or Evening Primrose oil is such an ingredient, especially when combined with EPA and DHA from fish.

A mountain of evidence demonstrates GLA's potent anti-inflammatory, health-promoting properties. Yet, because of processed omega-6 cooking oils rich in trans-fats, and the abundance of its parent molecule called "Linoleic Acid" in our diets, GLA has fallen out of favour...without justification!

When GLA is consumed along with the EPA & DHA the following occurs:

While the omega-3's are busy taking precedence over, and inhibiting the creation of inflammatory omega-6 compounds (i.e. from AA or arachidonic acid), and also producing directly anti-inflammatory events, GLA remains free to create its own anti-inflammatory molecule, (i.e. PGE1).

Synergy-3 with borage oilThis results in a heightened anti-inflammatory response, along with pronounced hormone-balancing effects. (Remember when Borage or Evening Primrose Oil was "all the rage" for menopause and PMS?...the active ingredient was GLA!)

This is why we have combined all 3 omega fats in Optimum Health Vitamins "Synergy-3". So you can get the synergistic benefits in a single formula. Get it all in one!   

Like so many of our products, "Synergy-3" combines natural ingredients in appropriate proportions that work together to produce a better result. It has a light nutty lemon flavour with no fishy taste, and virtually no aftertaste, period.

1 tsp (5ml) contains EPA 655mg, DHA 430mg and GLA 130mg, supplying all of them in an easy to absorb natural triglyceride form. 

Synergy-3 Optimized Omega Blend

Optimum Health Vitamins...your natural health resource

Continue to be well!


John Biggs

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