The Incredible Elderberry

by Optimum Health Vitamins Staff on January 23, 2014

Black_Elderberry_60sElderberry is one of those herbs that tends to fall below everyone's radar for no reason other than the fact most people, even health food store workers, may not know a lot about it. That doesn't detract from its incredible healing capabilities though! The more people that learn about this powerful berry, the better!

Elderberries are a dark blue, purplish berry that contains very high amounts of the polyphenol anthocyanin, which give them their color. Anthocyanin's antioxidant ability gives them an exceptionally high ORAC value and allows the berries to survive periods of intense UV light radiation from the sun. These antioxidants are passed on to those who consume the berry and provide anti-carcinogenic benefits, as well as preventing cellular damage from free radicals.

Studies have also looked at the effect of anthocyanins on the mucous membranes and the sinuses. They have found that these antioxidants protect the mucous membranes and reduce inflammation-associated swelling.

Perhaps one of the most important areas where elderberry is effective is as an antiviral agent. According to natural news, viruses multiply by invading our cells through their hemagglutinin spikes. These spikes allow them to penetrate the cell membrane and move in and take control the cell. Elderberry contains a potent antiviral agent called "antivirin" which helps neutralize the activity of the hemagglutinin spikes. When these spikes are deactivated, the viruses are no longer able to get inside of the cell and replicate.

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This article was written by Nakita Valerio, B.A, CSN, BMSA Technician. She has been working for Optimum Health Vitamins since 2007, during which she has gained a deep appreciation and understanding for the complexities of human nutrtition, and has spent hundreds of hours researching the topic. Her current position is online media assistant - a job she currently enjoys from Morocco!




Disclaimer: The above information is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your physician.


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