Skin Safe Mole Care With  ASAP OTC Wound Care Gel

by John Biggs BSc, NCP, OHP on June 15, 2018

 Skin Safe Mole Care With  ASAP OTC Wound Care Gel

People often look to me and ask for advice regarding natural products, so when I find ones that are especially effective I like to pass the info on. Yet, there are regulatory restraints regarding what you can and cannot say about any given Natural Health Product, and what they do. Luckily, it is perfectly fine to say what a product has done for ME...i.e. my own personal experience.

So when I find a product that works extremely well for a particular application, I thought I would start sharing. After all, since beginning to consult people regarding diet and supplementation over 30 years ago in 1986, I have gone through a continual process of experimentation and discovery with literally thousands of natural products, and many may benefit from the information.

So here's one: ASAP OTC™ Wound Care Gel to fade/lighten moles

Last August I was getting a nasty mole on the bottom of my right temple. It was getting larger, darker, and more raised fairly rapidly. In the car with the family, my mother-in-law even said from the back seat that I had a bug on my face...hmmm...not good. Nicola, my wife started telling me I should go get it checked-out, but I figured I could to do something about it. So I tried a couple of different salves and ointments, one of which actually seemed to aggravate it.

ASAP Wound Dressing GelThen, after writing an article on our  Opti-Silver Solution, and being impressed by the number of applications, I thought, "Well I'll give the gel form a try for a while", and proceeded to put a big dab on the mole in the morning, and before bed. This Silver Solution gel is licensed for sale under the name - ASAP OTC Wound Dressing Gel, and also utilizes Aquasol Ag4O4 nano-silver particle technology.

After doing this for only one day, I thought I noticed a difference, so I was encouraged to keep doing it. By the end of the 4th day, there was obviously a difference, so I kept on applying it in the morning, and at night if I remembered, (though I often didn't remember the second application.)

In 6 weeks of doing this there was a progressive and marked difference in the mole. The size shrunk by about 50%, the skin completely flattened-out, and the mole colour went from dark brown to light tan. After approximately 10 weeks, where I was now usually applying it once per day, (occasionally forgetting for a day), it was almost gone...meaning you had to examine the area to see it. And by December when I stopped applying it, there was just a tiny little speck left.

By then I had started applying it to many of the other moles on my face, some of which I've had for a long time, and have seen definite lightening of any that I apply it to...even sporadically.

As far as what I would attribute this effect guess: the high electronegativity of the Ag4O4 complex, which deactivates free radicals by donating negative charge, without being deactivated in the process. You can check-out the article if you haven't read it at:

What Is Silver Solution And What Can It Be Used For?

So, as with any individual personal experience, this doesn't mean it will work like this for everyone. There are non-responders for every product, or any test group. But for those of you who wish they could lighten, and/or shrink moles that you don't like, I would definitely say that it's worth a try. As always we welcome your feedback! After all, since opening our doors in 1993, user feedback has played an important role in determining how to best help our customers.

Our metabolisms are complex, and though we are often persuaded to trust scientific evidence over our own experience, I would submit that the experience of a result virtually always precedes our scientific understanding of why or how it works.

Until next time,

Be Well!




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