Do You Want Healthy, Clear, Soft Skin?  Clean up your liver!  Part 3 of 3!

by Maddie Laberge, BSc. CHNC on February 9, 2016
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liver cleanse detoxWe have now moved onto Part 3 our three part series. In part 1, I discussed specific foods that can help to cleanse your liver. In part 2, I gave suggestions about specific herbal supplements that may work best, and in Part 3 we will discuss how “cleaning up” other systems in our body help to support our liver. Read on to find out the 3 important action steps!

Our strong bodies are meant to –optimally- function a certain way; to ingest vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and water. We are then supposed to absorb what our bodies need and eliminate the rest. You can only imagine the burden your liver (your body’s “filter”) needs to deal with if you are not eliminating properly. Your liver is already trying it’s best to keep you robust and healthy, but if you are experiencing constipation, then we may have to worry about extra toxins getting re-absorbed and circulating. So as fabulous as your liver is, there is a chance that other channels of elimination need to begin excreting these extra toxins if your liver is overloaded. Your skin may be one of the organs that can begin to expel these toxins manifesting in rashes or breakouts.

So what can we do about this problem? If we realize that there could be a possible link between our poor elimination (which can be a result of poor digestion) and thus skin problems, how can we help give our body some well-deserved attention to help it function properly?

Of course, there are dermatologists who can help you with your specific skin condition, however let’s just discuss some basic information here that you can try out before seeing a specialist.

Here’s a list of 3 action steps:

1. One of the most basic things you can do for spectacular digestion is to take a daily probiotic supplement.

There are plenty of good ones on the market these days and if you talk with a good health consultant, they should be able to help you pick one out for your individual needs. Potency and strains are important, so make sure you ask some questions about what would fit you best! Since probiotics are the good bacteria that live in your gut, it’s important that this population is abundant as it will keep your entire system functioning more smoothly. This may also help to relieve bloating and gas! If you aren’t too keen on supplements, you can add fermented foods into your diet, which are high in natural probiotics. A nice bowl of miso soup or a few tablespoons of kefir are good foods to consider starting with if you are new to fermented foods!

2. Another great way to help your digestion out would be to consume fish oil daily.

This is a great way to get those necessary Omega 3’s into your diet since your body doesn’t produce them on its own! Taken in gel caps or in liquid form, there are many companies who can supply you with good clean fish oil. There are different forms to choose from, some with a higher EPA, which is better for decreasing inflammation in the body; and some with a higher DHA, which is more oriented to brain health. EPA and DHA are both Omega 3’s, a combination of the two together is generally what you will find on most labels. Begin adding this in everyday to improve your digestion as these oils can help to bring down inflammation, and lubricate the bowel and joints! You just might find that your dull dry skin is taking on a glow, and some chronic aches and pains may subside as well!

3. This list wouldn’t be complete without talking about enzymes. A healthy body produces digestive enzymes that are necessary to break down and absorb nutrients.

There are plenty of reasons that our enzyme production can be less than perfect, so if you want to get your system experiencing some smooth sailing, try adding in some enzymes. Most enzymes are taken right before a meal, so on average, 3 times per day. Digestive enzymes vary, so once again, you will want to talk with someone knowledgeable about which works best for you!

I would like to mention something important, many of my clients find that it doesn’t take long for these supplements to work wonders for them. Of course, everyone is different and each individual has their own unique body so results vary, but it’s a great guideline! Give it a try and your skin might just transform more beautifully than you can imagine!

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Disclaimer: The above information is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your physician.

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