Lemon Essential Oil: The Great Cleanser.

by Optimum Health Vitamins Staff on February 18, 2015


Lemon Essential Oil: The Great CleanserLemon brings to mind a freshness and vibrancy that only citrus fruits can. From its shiny yellow exterior to its vitamin-packed juices, lemon is a powerhouse of nutrition and an essential part of any regimen for increasing vitality. Its essential oil is a very high citrus top note that floats above other scents, hitting the nasal palate first and uplifting any blend. Because it contains at least 68 percent dlimonene, lemon essential oil is also a powerful antioxidant. Cold-pressed from lemon rinds, the essential oil requires around 3000 lemons to produce  a single kilo - one jam-packed with cleansing and antibacterial punch!

Historically, the Romans used lemon to refresh clothing – an application clearly still in use today with the plethora of detergents and softeners that bear its pure scent ! However, its documented uses don't stop there! Lemon is great for acne, infectious diseases, goût, UTIs, varicose veins , anxiety and insomnia. It can also be added to any cleaners to do everything around the house from wiping counters to mopping the floor.

Try steam inhalation with lemon essential oil for respiratory conditions (except not for asthma), particularly bronchitis. It also works fabulously as an insect repellent (like its citronella cousin!) and can be diluted in a spray bottle for ease of use. It should be noted, however, that this essential oil can damage your skin if you are exposed to the sun after its application so save its use for night time.

Lemon essential oil can be found at Kolya Naturals in Edmonton, AB.

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