Top 5 Ways to Relieve Stress and Reclaim Your Health

by blog optimumhealthvitamins on August 15, 2013

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It comes as no surprise that stress can have a negative impact on our health.

Whether the source of stress comes from work, home, finances or other pressure, it can reduce our quality of life and impact our mental well being. Our response to stress can vary just as much as the source of stress. What may be stressful to one person may have no affect on someone else. That’s okay we all experience stress from time-to-time but having the ability to relieve the stress once it comes will help increase balance and reclaim your quality of life and health.

Here are our top 5 tips for relieving stress so that you can get back to life!

  1. Exercise: We’re not suggesting you join an extreme sport team. Just disconnect from the world and get outside for a walk, bike, ride, or swim. Do something that you like and enjoy. Exercise is a great way to fight insomnia and boost endorphins at the same time! The body and mind love it because it’s so good for you. Bring a friend!
  2. It’s Okay to Say No: These day’s everyone is busy. In fact, being accessible online and being available 24/7 is almost considered the norm. Well, hold the phone Irene we’re about to blow your mind! You can’t be there for everyone. Just be there for you. Learn to say no every once in awhile and use the time to do something you love. (Put down that Smartphone, after you finish reading the rest of this blog!)
  3. Sleep: One common symptom of stress is insomnia. Over time, a lack of sleep will start to affect certain hormones in your body. These hormones can start to make it difficult to sleep which can further exacerbate the stressful situation. Hands up if you’ve tossed and turned thinking about the stressful situation over and over! Me too. Studies show that people who get less than 5 – 6 hours of sleep per night are likely to be overweight. Another recent study found that using an electronic device before bedtime could disrupt the body’s production of melatonin, so put down that tablet and pick up a book instead.
  4. Supplements: If you’re experiencing a lot of stress, natural supplements can help reduce stress and anxiety while improving your mood. Tranquil Sleep is fast acting and a safe way to help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, sleep more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed. The Serenity Formula provides natural herbal help to calm down those chronic stress hormones and bring the body back into balance. Mental Calmness provides help for people who have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep because their minds refuse to shut down at night. Ahhhh…. feeling calmer yet?
  5. Unplug: We’ve said it a few times but it bears repeating! Turn off the computer, and power down the tablet and smartphone. Enjoy some “me time”. Finding a little corner of peace in your inner world will help you cope when you have deal with the stresses of the external world.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of ways to relieve stress in your life but it can help you reclaim your health.

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