Hydrating Summer Foods

by Optimum Health Vitamins Staff on August 8, 2013
Summer is the time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and the heat of July and August, but with this special time of year comes the hidden dangers of dehydration and overheating which can lead to sunstroke. Staying hydrated is easy with just a little bit of planning and some preparation, and it can be so delicious, you won't even notice you're doing it!

Pack water : This one is obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people think that they're just going to play frisbee in the park for a bit so what's the point of packing a bulky bottle along with them ? Freeze some water in a BPA-free bottle and toss it in the backseat of the car for cool and refreshing water the whole afternoon. Add a squeeze of lemon before you freeze it for added electrolytes and minerals to keep you properly hydrated.

Hydrating summer foodsWatermelon : This favourite summer food is actually 98% water and it may even be better than drinking water directly because it has all of the minerals and vitamins intact in it. This makes the water from watermelon more hydrating and absorbable. Toss a big one in the truck with a big knife on your way to a barbecue and you're sure to have a crowd-pleasing snack that everyone's bodies will appreciate !

Cucumber : This delicious veggie is actually really rich in minerals and electrolytes, and has a very high water content as well. Opt to toss a few slices on your burger or make a cucumer slaw by shredding it in a cheese grater for a refreshing and hydrating salad option.

Lettuce and Cabbage : Most of these leafy greens are around 90% water in their content and are a great way to hydrate through food. Make a nice big salad with a mix of different greens for the best hydration potential.

Figs : These incredible fruits are available fresh in the summer and taste so delicious that you'll hardly notice you're getting your fiber and hydrating as you indulge in their goodness.

Grapes : One of summer's most delicious fruits, grapes are available in a variety of types and colours to please any picky taste palette. Be sure to add some to a fruit salad, or freeze them for a refreshing treat!


This article was written by Nakita Valerio, B.A, CSN, BMSA Technician. She has been working for Optimum Health Vitamins since 2007, during which she has gained a deep appreciation and understanding for the complexities of human nutrtition, and has spent hundreds of hours researching the topic. Her current position is online media assistant - a job she currently enjoys from Morocco!

Topics: Hydration, Seasonal, Functional Foods

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