Do You Want Healthy, Clear, Soft Skin? Clean Up Your Liver! Part 1 of 3.

by Maddie Laberge, BSc. CHNC on June 30, 2013
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healthy_womanWrittten by Maddie Laberge, BSc, CHNC

If you’ve been battling break outs and have tried prescription medications and face cleansers to clear up your skin but have still had no luck, then this guide may help you!  In this series, I am going to take you on a step-by-step plan to help produce amazing energy and clear skin by paying attention and giving some TLC to your liver!  Beautiful, blemish-free skin sounds good, right?  Well then, keep reading because we have some work to do!

Please note, this is a 3 part series:

Part One:  We will discuss specific foods!

Part Two: Which Herbs and Supplements work best?

Part Three: How does “cleaning up” other systems in our body help to support our liver?

Before we really get into it, let me first explain why the liver is so important to your skin and overall health and why I’m choosing to focus on this miraculous organ.

It is believed that the name “Liver” is derived from an Anglo-Saxon verb meaning ‘to live’.  How great is that? 

We have different channels of elimination, but your liver is the master detoxifier in your body.  Most of us know this, but let us think about what that really means and how it relates to your skin.  With multiple metabolic functions continuously at work, your liver is responsible in part for the condition of your blood and the health of your entire body!  By paying attention to your liver and giving it what it needs to stay strong, you will be improving the quality of your bloodstream, and thus the building blocks that keep your body and skin “clean”. 
Many doctors claim that your liver is there to detox and that it does a great job on its own, so there is no need to do any liver cleansing or detoxing.  This may be true if:

#1: You eat all of the right foods (organic with no pesticides), almost all of the time.

#2: You drink enough clean water every day to flush out toxins that can come from multiple sources.

#3: You have regular healthy bowel movements every day (no, once every 3 days is not normal!)

#4: You are blessed with genetics that have given you a very strong liver and constitution.

#5: You use minimal chemicals in your household products and make-up.

#6: You have used minimal medications throughout your lifetime.

If you have a good strong liver, chances are, you know it.  If you are left wondering and staring at your acne, then read on to find out what you can do about it!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

― Hippocrates

A perfect place to begin cleaning up your liver and skin is with FOOD! 

You are what you eat after all, so if you want your skin to be made from an abundance of alcohol, sugary foods, and fast food, then that’s your choice!  These foods are processed and acidic and they are taking a toll on your liver.  Look at your skin!  If you are fighting with never ending breakouts, then you may want to re-think choices that you are making as these and other junkie foods have a huge impact on your skin if over consumed! 

What if you decided to make a different choice?  Right now, what if you decided to add in a few vegetables into your diet?  What if you went to the store and picked out 3 vegetables… let’s say broccoli, dark green lettuce, and some beets? 

Seems easy enough but I can already hear the moans and groans.  “I don’t like the way that food tastes!”   Fair enough, you’ve trained your taste buds to love junkie foods and it is hard to adapt to the taste of dark coloured vegetables.   However, I’m going to tell you a secret, your taste buds have the ability to change if you really want them to.  Yes, it is true!  It is a matter of adding in these foods slowly, over time, to re-train your taste buds. 

One of the best ways to do this is to eat your veggies or salads with a salad dressing or dip that you really like.  Slather it on if you have to, eventually you will need less dressing to cover up the taste. (Believe it or not, your body is smarter than you and it will begin craving these foods one day if you help it out by starting the journey to better eating.) 

Another good way to add in these veggies is to incorporate them into food you already like.  For instance, if you like iceberg lettuce because the taste is quite mild and it is easy to buy those pre-washed bags in the store, then buy a pre-washed “Spring greens” (a darker leaf blend) as well so you can add a handful to your iceberg blend. 

Sound like something you can do?  This is just the tip of the iceberg! (No pun intended.) 
By the way, that dark green colour in your vegetables comes from a molecular component called chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is very alkalizing to the body and thus creates a biological terrain within your body that favours a healthy environment for physiological nourishment.  Awesome!

Don’t like broccoli?  I bet you like cheese!  Steam some broccoli and sprinkle on some tasty cheddar cheese!   

Is the thought of eating beets not doing it for you?  Peel them, slice them up and throw them in your steamer (buy a steamer, they are easy to work with!), once steamed to your desired consistency, place them on a plate and sprinkle them with cinnamon.  This covers up the “beet” taste and you still get the cleansing effects of the beet!  Have you looked at the deep purple colour of a beet lately?  Is it any surprise they clean your liver and are beneficial to your blood due to their high iron and mineral content!?   Food is medicine!

Important note: DRINK WATER, LOTS OF IT.

There are many, many, other foods we can discuss, and I could write a book about all the fantastic information out there regarding clean food choices, but the best thing for you to take away from this article is to be aware of the quality of your food.  Ask yourself when you are about to eat a particular food, “Is this food cleansing me, or clogging me?”  If you are not sure about which foods to choose, talk to an experienced Nutritionist to find out how you can make changes to your everyday eating habits! 

Please take note, this is not all about the vanity of a blemish free face, this is also about how you feel every day: your quality of life.  Sometimes we have to remember, even if we do not particularly like the taste of a specific healthier food choice, it is important to eat it because your body needs it!  Should our lives be controlled by foods that we simply want because they taste good to us at the moment, or should we consider making a conscious effort to listen to what our bodies really need, even if it is not our first emotional choice?

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for!”



Maddie graduated in 2007 from the University of Manitoba after completing her Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in Human Nutritional Sciences. Following her university studies, Maddie went on to work under a Master Herbalist, learning to use nutrition, herbal formulas, and live blood cell analysis as tools in the healing process.

In 2010, Maddie also completed a comprehensive study in alternative healing methods through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, achieving the designation as a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant.  Maddie continues to educate herself and has recently completed Rosemary Gladstar’s course, “The Science of Art and Herbalism”.  All of her experience and education has led to Nutritional Consultations, Presentations, and most recently, formulating an Optimum Health Superfoods Workshop!
In addition to studying, Maddie leads an active lifestyle and tries to spend time in her love of nature as much as possible through outdoor activities, including completing a half marathon and enjoying general hiking, bonfires, and fresh country air.
Maddie offers clients nutritional guidance and holistic approaches to achieve balance throughout the body and spirit.  Consultations include individualized protocols using food and/or supplement in addition to education and empowerment for the client’s specialized needs.
Specialties include: Nutrition education, digestive imbalances/diseases, detoxification, achieving healthy weight, anxiety/stress issues, pH balancing, and supplemental protocols.

To book a consulation with Maddie, you can e-mail her here 


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Disclaimer: The above information is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your physician.

Topics: Detoxification and Cleansing, Kidney/Liver, SkinCare

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