Two Effective Blood Sugar & Weight Management Supplements.

by John Biggs BSc, NCP, OHP on May 31, 2013

Two Effective Blood Sugar & Weight Management SupplementsBlood sugar and insulin levels are key for controlling appetite, cravings, and body fat.

How much body fat we store is largely governed by the hormone insulin. When our blood sugar rises, insulin levels rise to push food energy into our cells, and to drive excess calories into fat storage.

When this insulin storage signal gets put to work too often over a lifetime, it starts to wear out and become less sensitive. Put simply, it doesn’t work as well, and the more “insulin insensitive” an individual becomes the more insulin the body has to produce to get the blood sugar down and the food energy stored.

weight loss supplements that help with blood sugar balanceElevated fasting levels of insulin not only increase our tendency to experience low blood sugar (i.e. hypoglycemia), they also increase cravings, increase how much we eat, and contribute to feeling unsatisfied even though your stomach is full.

As the situation worsens, fasting insulin levels stay high all the time and an individual starts storing fat around their organs. Because our organs are located in our central body cavity, a bulging midsection is often the most visible result. Besides weight gain, other signs of insulin insensitivity include increased inflammation, elevated LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as snoring, and unwanted skin tags. Collectively, they are all part of what is termed “Metabolic Syndrome.”

To address the issue of insulin sensitivity, Optimum Health has developed GlucoBalance. It contains a collection of herbs and the mineral chromium, which improve insulin’s ability to get its message through to our cells. When our insulin works better, we need less of it to get the job done. Improved insulin efficiency results in more balanced blood sugar, as well as an increased tendency to burn calories, instead of storing them. In turn, this yields better energy levels, less cravings, and a feeling of being more satiated with less food.

Glucotrim also contains herbs like green tea and brown seaweed which gently stimulate metabolism and support thyroid function.

Opti-Slim GarciniaTo further enhance these effects we have also developed a companion product to GlucoBalance called Opti-Slim Garcinia. Opti-Slim Garcinia is a synergistic blend of ingredients, the main one being Garcinia cambogia. Its active ingredient, Hydroxycitric acid (or HCA), inhibits the conversion of blood sugar to fat, and reroutes the energy to the liver and muscles where it is stored as a readily available form of energy called glycogen. Stored glycogen is not only an excellent aid for keeping your blood sugar balanced and for increasing muscular performance, it also provides feedback to your brain that increases satiety, and dramatically reduces cravings. This isn’t to say you won’t eat normally, but you simply don’t feel as hungry. (This can be an absolute boon for sugar and carbohydrate addicts.)

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Together, GlucoTrim and Opti-Slim simply make you feel better… With improved metabolism, more energy, less cravings, and less of a tendency to overeat. They can be extremely useful over the holidays, and into the New Year.

Stay well.


John Biggs Optimum Health 


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