Cold And Flu - Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment

by A. Vogal

The smart thing to do is to prepare our body to meet these challenges and...

Oil of Oregano – Your Secret Weapon This Cold & Flu Season

by Natural Factors

Cold and flu season is in full swing and it’s only a matter of time before...

Maximize Vitamin C Benefits: Key Substances To Achieve This.

by John Biggs BSc, NCP, OHP

6 Supplements That Help Boost Your Immune System Naturally

by John Biggs BSc, NCP, OHP

The Incredible Elderberry

by Optimum Health Vitamins Staff

Elderberry is one of those herbs that tends to fall below everyone's radar...

Why Opti-Immune C & F Is a "Must Have" This Cold and Flu Season

by John Biggs BSc, NCP, OHP
The body’s inflammatory response is necessary to keep us alive. But when...

Sunny-D – Why is Vitamin D so important?

by blog optimumhealthvitamins

7 Healthy Tips For Flu And Cold During Pregnancy.

by Optimum Health Vitamins Staff

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