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From the Optimum Health blog Food for Thought


All-Year Skin And Joint Protection With Collagen Type 2 And Hyaluronic Acid

By John Biggs BSc, NCP, OHP Owner Optimum Health Vitamins

Collagen supplements have become one of the most popular nutritional trends, and rightfully so. The collagen, or "extra cellular" matrix that holds all your cells in place is of prime importance for your health and appearance. Yet, when it comes to your skin and joints, just as important is something called hyaluronic acid, which holds onto moisture...

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Food for Thought

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Health Freedom Update From the CanPrev blog


Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update


There is always talk about being in the 6 digits. We, and that means you, made it to the petition paragon! Now at 101,407 signatures! It is the third largest single Federal paper petition, pending delivery to Parliament, in the last 70 years...

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Blue light blocking glasses

To Coconut Oil – Or Not?


Coconut oil was shunned from the health world for years because of its abundance of saturated fat – thought to be especially harmful to cardiovascular health, much like the shame that butter has felt for so many years! However, more recent research is showing that coconut oil’s banishment from the limelight may have jumped the gun, and this newsworthy fat has reclaimed its place in our health news feeds!

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Ester-C® Energy Boost

Source: Optimum Health Vitamins YouTube Channel

Enjoy 24-hour immune support in an energizing, all-natural and non-carbonated drink mix. Single-size serving packets of naturally sweetened and low-calorie Ester-C® Energy Boost come in a variety of delicious flavours for on-the-go convenience. Just add to water to benefit from the vitamin C, B vitamins, electrolytes, calcium, magnesium and trace minerals in each serving. Available at Optimum Health.

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Why Using This EFA Blend Is The Better Choice

By John Biggs BSc, NCP, OHP Owner Optimum Health Vitamins

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) are one of the foundations of a healthy body. Regardless of why you take an EFA blend, be it brain function, cardiovascular support, joint pain relief, or general health maintenance, fighting inflammation is key. For this many rely on the omega-3 fats from fish abbreviated EPA and DHA...

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