How To Detox Your Body Safely?

by John Biggs BSc, NCP, OHP on June 12, 2013

how to naturally detox your bodyThe mechanisms by which the body “detoxifies”, i.e. packages-up things it wants to get rid of, and successfully escorts them from the body, can involve the liver, kidneys, bowel, gut, skin, lymphatic system and lungs, among others. Weaknesses in any of these organs and/or systems can ultimately impair our body’s ability to clean itself out. Yet, why is it so important that our bodies’ are able to do this, and why might we require assistance?

The answer is the astronomical number of man-made toxic pollutants in our environment that ultimately end-up in our systems.

Upon testing for them, not only have a myriad of these toxic industrial chemicals and pollutants been detected in the tissues of animals across the planet, (, but in a 2004 Environmental Working Group study, over 200 of them were detected in the umbilical chord blood of newborns! 

Included in the list of pollutants and chemicals detected in these babies’ blood were Mercury, 9 different Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons, 7 Polybrominated dibenzodioxins and furans, 9 Perflourinated chemicals, 11 Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and furans, 21 Organochlorine pesticides, 32 Polybrominated diphenyl ethers, 50 Polychlorinated napthalenes, and 147 different Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). 

how to detox your body naturallyThe ever-increasing toxic load in our air, food, and water from synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, xeno-hormones, vaccinations, pharmaceutical drugs, etc., is reaching a critical level. These chemicals, and/or heavy metals, can persist in our tissues for an undetermined amount of time, and can both suppress and/or over-activate our immune systems, disrupt our endocrine (hormonal) systems, debilitate our nervous systems, and impair our energy metabolism. Coupled with poor nutritional and lifestyle choices, increasing levels of these pervasive toxins are correlated with skyrocketing rates of cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, and other innumerable chronic, degenerative diseases. 

Though obviously there is more to these conditions than just environmental toxins, how extreme are the exponential rates of disease going to have to get before there is acknowledgement from the establishment that chemicals and toxins introduced into our environment and bodies are a real issue for the survival of the human race?

According to the Tufts Journal online, (Archives; Feb, 2003), approximately 85,000 synthetichow to naturally detox your body chemicals are registered in the U.S. alone, but a mere 7% of these have available toxicological screening data associated with them, (i.e. have been tested for their toxicity and potential effects (1) 

So, does it not sound logical that we should try to get these out of our bodies, or at least help our system deal with them…if we can? And if so, where do we start? 

Firstly, start with good diet and lifestyle choices, including regular exercise. Most of us would be amazed at what simply including a substantial portion of green and other raw vegetables, (preferably organically grown), on a daily basis can do for us. And it is not commonly known that exercising, particularly to the point that you break a good sweat, can substantially increase our liver detoxification and ease the load on our kidneys.

how can you detox your bodyNext, consider that the majority of the environmental pollutants listed above are fat-soluble, and in order to be removed, they must first be transformed by the body and made water-soluble, so they can be excreted - in the urine, and/or through the bowel (2). As discussed in previous articles, such processes occur mainly in the liver, and for them to happen it is essential that we have an adequate supply of the right nutrients, amino acids from protein, and particularly adequate stores of a molecule called glutathione.

Glutathione is also very important getting heavy metals out of our bodies’, and protecting us from their toxic effects. For this purpose, another valid approach I have found is to use supplements which can support and increase the body’s production of its own natural metal chelating and transport systems, known as metallothioneins. The mineral zinc, along with the botanicals Andrographis, Turmeric, and certain extracts from Hops have been shown to help accomplish this.

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how to properly detox your bodyAlso tied in with the ability to release toxins from our bodies is maintaining an alkaline tissue pH. When our cells and tissues are over-acid and toxic, we tend to hold on to water to dilute it. (As one of my instructors likes to say:”The solution to pollution is dilution”) Likewise, as we turn our tissues more alkaline with citrate mineral salts, or fruits and vegetables, our bodies let go of excess water. 

And remember….the pH of a food outside the body does not tell you what pH effects it will have when it enters the blood. For example, because of its high citrate content, which the kidney uses to buffer acidity, freshly squeezed lemon juice is considered by many to be one of the most alkalinizing of foods. 

Fat stores can also play a role in protecting our bodies by storing lipid-soluble toxins, (such as those listed above), thereby preventing them from exerting their damaging effects on the metabolism of our cells, organs and tissues.

how do you detox your bodyHence, if we can successfully remove such toxins, our body has one less reason to hold onto the fat. Some may scoff at this since fat loss obviously isn’t this straight forward; but it is very apparent that toxicity can play a large role in fat and water accumulation in the body. (Toxins can also play a huge role in interfering with thyroid hormone function…..but this is a whole additional topic in itself.) Personally I have witnessed many cases where people have detoxified and alkalinized, and in a very short time lost copious amounts of weight. 

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In conclusion, though there are many ways to go about it, in my opinion the most comprehensive way to achieve meaningful detoxification is to use products which are not only hypoallergenic, and support gut function, but which also provide the liver with what it needs to prepare toxins and heavy metals for elimination, while helping the kidneys buffer acidity. When combined with colon support, such products are not only the best way to push toxins from the tissues to the blood, but to actually get them out of the body. If you would like more information, simply contact our stores.


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Numerous additional references available upon request.

Suggested Reading: Slow Death By Rubber Duck; How the toxic chemistry of everyday life affects our health. Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie; Alfred A. Knopf Canada, 2009.


1. Metagenics Educational Programs: Detoxification Seminar 2008; Robert Rakowski, DC: Environmental Toxins Are on the Attack; Metagenics Inc, San Clemente, CA.

2. Emerging Clinical Science of Bifunctional Support for Detoxification; DeAnn Liska PhD and Jeffrey Bland PhD; Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, October 2002.


Disclaimer: The above information is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your physician.

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