Further Evidence That Sulforaphane Helps Those With Autism Spectrum Disorder

by John Biggs BSc, NCP, OHP on June 14, 2018

Autism Spectrum Disorder-1

Following a previous study which showed that administering sulphoraphane from broccoli sprouts to subjects with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) produced multiple improvements, researchers have now further correlated these findings by showing that young autistic subjects treated with sulforaphane  produced urinary metabolites consistent with improvements in the areas of oxidation and inflammation, hormonal and amino acid status, neurotransmitters, gut bacteria, and more....while demonstrating improvements in the Social Responsiveness Scale (SRS).

We previously summarized the original findings in November of 2014 ...to read about it click here

The current findings provide further backing for the use of suforaphane to help those with ASD, without side-effects.

Read the findings:  Identification of urinary metabolites that correlate with clinical improvements in children with autism treated with sulforaphane from broccoli

Research on this topic is reportedly ongoing, and we will continue to report findings as they emerge for this ever-more-common condition.

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